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I've Requested a Shop. What's Next?

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If you've submitted a request for our team to set up a Shop for your company, here is some handy info to help explain what to expect. (If you haven't, but want to, submit a request here: https://www.markful.com/shop-setup)


What is my shop going to look like?

To get a preview of what a Shop looks like, visit: https://www.markful.com/royale?products=true

Your custom shop will feature your logo, brand colors and any specific designs. You'll have control on the products and designs presented in your shop, so just let us know the updates you'd like made. 


When you can begin ordering:

Depending on the logo file format you provided, your shop will be live and ready for order in anywhere from 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday). We'll provide you a link to your personalized shop, and you can begin placing orders immediately. 


If you provided designs to include in your shop:

If you uploaded special templates & designs, we will require an additional 2-3 business days to get those uploaded into your shop. We'll send you a confirmation email when we launch your basic shop, and another when your custom templates are published to your shop. 


If you have changes/requests to your shop, once it's live:

This shop is 100% yours. If you would like us to add/remove/update any of the templates or offered products, just let us know. Email our Shop Team at myshop@markful.com and let us know what we can update for you. Just make sure to include your Shop name or link. 


Sharing your shop with your colleagues:

Once you receive your Shop link, you will be able to share your shop link with anyone in your team/office. They will have direct access to order approved branded products. For more ways to share your shop, visit this resource page: https://www.markful.com/shop-adoption 


Need an order NOW?

If you can't wait until your Shop is live to place an order, don't worry! We have a few options for you:

1. Use our Upload Your Logo Templates: https://www.markful.com/use-our-templates 

2. Upload your Finished Art Files to our Products: https://www.markful.com/upload-your-own-artwork 

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