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From House of Magnets to Markful

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Why the re-brand?

When we started our business over 25 years ago, we brought value to our customers with magnetic products. Since then, we have evolved our offering to signs, apparel, print, and so much more. By changing our name to Markful, we highlight not what we do but why we do it. No matter the product or service, everything we do empowers you to make your mark and maximize your success.

We believe that your brand should be accessible and make an impact. That's why we created a solution trusted by thousands of companies, big and small, that takes your mark and amplifies it to the world. All this to save you time and money while empowering your message.


Are you still the same company?

Yes! Nearly twenty years ago, we started House of Magnets with the humble vision of being your single source for magnetic marketing resources. Over the years, our customers have asked for the same excellent quality and pricing on other non-magnet products. Fast forward to today, and we offer dozens of marketing solutions; from signs to custom apparel, business cards to name badges, we offer so much more than magnets. We chose a company name that reflects this shift in what we offer our customers and how we can help them market their businesses. It's a meaningful transformation that we've gone through over the years, and we're thrilled and honored that our customers have helped us make us who we are today.


Will you still sell magnets?

Absolutely! We'll still be the best source for calendar magnets, magnetic sports schedules, magnetic notepads, and other magnetic marketing resources.


Are you being acquired by another company?

No. We are the same family-owned business that we've always been. Our ownership and management will remain the same, and our world-class customer service will remain the same too.


Is my order history or customer profile going to change?

No. Your entire order history, asset library, and previous orders will be available for you, and with a revamp of our reorder process in the works, getting refills on your marketing essentials will be effortless as ever.


Will your website address change?

We will redirect any traffic to houseofmagnets.com to our new website address so that you have some time to get used to our new address. We hope that you'll find the new, shorter name much easier to remember.


Will you send or receive emails from House of Magnets?

House of Magnets email addresses will work in parallel to the new addresses until further notice; however, emails from Markful.com will be immediately used for outgoing emails. As we change over to our new name this summer, we will begin phasing out emails from the House of Magnets email address.





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