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Ordering an Agent Pack

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To use the AGENTPACK coupon code and save on a set mix of products, follow the steps below to add the prescribed products to your cart, enter the AGENTPACK code and save.


1. Decide what pack you are going to build. We have a wide variety of packs at a variety of price points to choose from. To see all of your options, visit the Agent Pack page in your shop.


2. Design and add each product individually to the cart until your cart consists of the product mix outlined in the desired Agent Pack.

For example, to order the $72 Agent Pack, which consists of 2 Name Badges, 500 Business Cards, and 1 Polo Shirt, you'd first select and design your 2 Name Badges then add to the cart. You'd repeat this step with your Business Cards and your Polo.


3. Once all the products are in your cart, enter AGENTPACK in the coupon field for the discount to be applied.


Other Considerations:

  • Upgrade Options (ex. Bling Badges, Double Thick Business Cards) and Premium/Luxe Products (ex. Nike Polos and Hats, Metal Name Badges) are not included in the Agent Packs, unless specifically noted. 
  • To create your own pack, we recommend the AGENTPACK10 coupon code for orders of 3 products or more, valued over $50 to take a blanket 10% off your order. This is great for custom bundles with upgraded options. 

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