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How to Re-Order

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If you have customized a product previously and want to place a re-order with no changes, simply log in and head to your Account Dashboard. 

From the left-hand menu in Your Account, select "Orders," which will pull up your previously purchased products. Find your desired product and select the "Buy It Again" button.



This will add the product directly to your cart!


If the product doesn't display a "Buy it Again" button (normal for some seasonal or discontinued products), or if you have any changes, click the product name of your desired product in the Orders tab of your account.


This will take you to the product page, where you will select any upgrades and quantities, then select "Start Personalizing." 




For "Marketing Materials" products (i.e. Calendars, Sports Schedules, Reference Magnets and Note Pads), follow these steps:


Begin by selecting the "DESIGN ONLINE" option:


If you used any of our pre-set templates, please enter your information in the fields. Your previously uploaded headshots and logos will be saved in your gallery. (Just make sure you are logged in!)

If our Art Team created your Art previously, you can normally find them here:



If these options didn't work, you can go back to the product page (top left), and select our "WE DESIGN IT FOR YOU" option:


Then choose the best option for you and follow the steps:




For other products, follow these steps:

When you enter the editor, all of your previously uploaded photos will be available in your gallery for easy access. Re-insert them, and type any contact info, approve, and add to cart. 


Of course, if you need any help placing a repeat order, give our Customer Success Team a call at (800) 789-6247, email, or chat.

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